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rescue service

Thousands of trekkers and mountaineers come to himalaya every year for adventure. Due to extreme conditions in the mountains may require urgent medical evacuation, casualty evacuation or similar emergency rescue services at any point of the the journey.

The most common life-threatening hazard that travelers encounter during their quest in the Himalaya is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), a.k.a. altitude sickness. In this case, the difference between life and death is measured by the promptness and efficiency of the medical evacuation (Medevac) services arranged.

Arohi has years of experience in leading rescue teams when required. In the past our director M.C. Thakur was instrumental in successfully rescuing SASE Army Personnel stranded in the 1995 flash floods in the Manali region. He saved their life without caring for his personal life, for the gallantry work he was awarded "JEEVAN RAKSHA PADAK" by the President of India in 1998.

The Himalayas are subject to unpredictable weather and there are times when an immediate rescue is required. This is where Arohi and its team of rescue experts come into service. This we feel is an essential element of a responsible Adventure Tour operator and we have trained all our outdoor staff to cope with any situation that may arise. Mountain Rescue is one of the areas that Arohi specializes in.

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