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Great Himalayan National Park Trail

A seven-day, very strenuous, dramatic hike crossing the mountain passes at Kandi Galu (3627m), and Phangchi Galu (4636m). Incredible vistas. Must be in excellent physical condition as very demanding 5th elevation ascent of 2000 meters and 1500 meters descent in one day (total up-down, 3,500 m in one day!).

Day 1: Neuli (1650m) to Bhagi Kashahri (2600m)

Morning visit to Manu Temple (2200 m). Evening at village school site. Moderate ascent. Distance: 23 Kms.

Day 2: Bhagi Kashahri to Subli (3300m)

Strenuous ascent in early morning (3600 m). Pass through Kandi Galu notch (3627m). Distance 17 Kms.

Day 3: Subli to Dwada (3150m)

Relatively easy hike passing through birch forests and meadows. Distance 6 Kms.

Day 4: Rest Day at Dwada

Beautiful meadow surrounded by steep mountain valleys and flowing Jiwanal River. Peaceful and good pace to rest after long hike from Subli.

Day 5: Rest Day Dwada

Day hike up to Surtu Glacial Pond in Khandedhar with dramatic mountain backdrops. Opportunities for midlife observation including brown bear, snow leopard, etc. Distance: 20 Kms. Round trip).

Day 6: Dwada to Chippi (3550m)

Very strenuous day. Crossing Phangchi Galu Pass (4636 m) below Khandedhar into Parvati Valley. Continuous steep ascent over rock scree, boulders and very narrow paths into high alpine meadows, then higher lichen environments can be cold. Descent from Phangchi Galu can have deep snow pack and should be done with great care as steep drops and potentially very dangerous. Sublime peace at the higher elevations. Stressful on knees coming down. Distance: 23 Kms.

Day 7: Chippi to Phulga

Easier descent back into forests and meadows, ending at village of Phulga. Distance: 18 Kms.