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Eco Tourism

Be it EcoTourism, eco-development, or participatory forest management, ecologically sustained activities are of supreme importance to the local communities. This is an essential element of Arohi eco Adventures. EcoTourism is nature friendly, sustainable, involves environmental education, and provides an alternative source of income for local communities. It is also important for the conservation of wild life and forests. It also shows tourists different lifestyles and lets them interact with the local inhabitants and share delightful moments with them while having a low impact on bio diversity.

The Kullu Valley has always attracted people with its thick forests. For the past many years the migration of people did not place an undue burden on the natural resources. People lived harmoniously with their environment and lived a self-sustained life with the resources at hand. However today they are facing different pressures. We at Arohi organize tours into these beautiful mountain villages and introduce our guests to the local traditions and customs. This not only benefits the locals but also lets them share their laid back lifestyle with our visitors. One way that Arohi is helping tourists benefit the local economy.

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