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The environment of the Western Himalayas is well known as a fragile one. Today numerous visitors and people migrating here are putting pressure on the existing resources. This is taking its toll on the wild life and natural vegetation. For instance there has been mass felling of trees in certain parts of these mountains leading to increased landslides, floods and other natural disasters. That is why we at Arohi believe in inculcating a sense of responsibility in all our guests so that our fragile environment can be protected and preserved for future generations.

M.C. Thakur our director and the Arohi team have been deeply involved in a number of environmental issues. MC has conducted environment and nature conservation education camps over the years where students are made aware of the problems that the Himalayan environment is facing. Participants are educated on the basic values of our natural resources and the steps we can take to preserve them.

The local inhabitants are also educated regarding the grazing of cattle and sheep in the newly afforested areas so that minimal damage occurs. They are taught how to preserve forests and how they can avoid indiscriminate cutting of forests for firewood. They are also encouraged to increase tree plantation especially near streams and denuded hillsides so that the threat of landslides, land erosion and pollution is minimized.

These are just a few ways by which Arohi is trying its best to protect and preserve the Himalayan environment for posterity.

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